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06 Mar 2018

The distance between a great business idea and its success is sometimes just some lines of code! 

While technology is a huge enabler for business, development is the longest mile. In an industry that is welting for speed and simplicity, Lowcode platforms are a whiff of fresh air. Amongst other things that they do very well, Low Code platforms expedite delivery of enterprise mobile and web applications. That is the single most important reason these platforms and getting plenty of clientele, investment and traction.

OutSystems, today a market leader in Low code platforms, recognized the real promise of this opportunity and got into the business of delivering a Low Code platform that lets you build enterprise grade Mobile and web apps using the RAD model.

Being a pioneer in low-code space, OutSystems is giving a strong competition to leaders like – Appian, Microsoft PowerApps and Mendix. Unlike most of the low-code platforms, OutSystems offer an array of training courses & help resources with a drag-and-drop UI which can help in designing a responsive app by using a variety of templates. At the same time, within the same dashboard, this enterprise-grade tool also holds an extensive library of database objects and UI components that can be pulled into a sleek visual process modeller.

OutSystems is one of the leading PaaS low code platforms. It can be deployed both on cloud and on premise.  You can design, develop and deliver of enterprise mobile and web applications with this platform. It comes packaged with BPM.

To start using OutSystems you just need how to work with flow charts.  Directly start by representing the business decisions and resulting consequences as flow charts. Elements can be dragged and dropped into the flow and then you can double click parameters to set properties. You can accomplish form configurations, data integrations and business driven decisions.  And obviously, once configured elements are re-usable.

Other benefits of this platform include

  • Increased accessibility as you can have business users access your applications via various devices. OutSystems rates very high on device compatibility and that
  • Cost reduction is an obvious benefits as time to deliver is shorter
  • Reduced risk that a business idea will not see the light of the day
  • High quality and compliance with security standards
  • Plus all the above put together give you a differentiator among competition

While there are other Low code development platforms out there, OutSystems holds a definite edge in the field of Enterprise application development. It is has caught the attention of the likes of Gartner and Forrester research. 

In terms of outreach, the usage is pretty horizontal as there are use cases from healthcare to airlines. The platform is often recognized for its compatibility with varied devices. OutSystems has received certifications from Microsoft Azure, SAP, Oracle, and Amazon Web Services.

OutSystems has overseen the development of over 100,000 apps with a cumulative seven million end users and counting with main business flowing from mid-size to enterprise companies.
Before concluding, would like to add Gartner’s and Forrester's take on OutSystems.

According to Gartner - "OutSystems offers a RAD hpaPaaS solution that focuses on accelerating the 'time to solution' of enterprise apps,”. Also Gartner highlights, "It is one of the better-known and more-established providers in the market today. The OutSystems platform uses an indirectly executed metadata-driven model - that is, the metadata model is used to generate .NET C# or Java code, which ultimately drives the execution of the application. Applications are developed using an extensible, no-code visual integrated development environment (IDE; known as Service Studio) and deployed on-premises, or in a private or public cloud (AWS or Azure), using a DevOps tool (LifeTime). Applications are usable with Web and mobile client devices. OutSystems has customers in 43 countries and has more than 180 partners."

According to Forrester’s analysis in the wave report – “The vendor's strong performance in our analysis reflects its strong commitment enterprise customers and to low-code tooling for all aspects of application development, delivery, and maintenance,” Adding to it, they have mentioned that "OutSystems Platform's greatest strengths are its broad features and tools for database and process applications, mobile and Web user experiences, integration, and collaboration. Customers will find few gaps that require them to code, even when working on integration and custom user experiences -- the usual trouble spots for low-code platforms. OutSystems makes it free and easy for customers to get started with its platform."

Lastly, CIGNEX has extensive expertise in providing OutSystems services to its clients like Assessment, Consulting, Development, Upgrade & Support. For more information on CIGNEX’ Outsystems capabilities, please visit -