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08 Jul 2022

Drupal Development: The Complete Guide to Getting Started in 2022

Any business plan must include branding exercise. Although a brand isn't truly a physical thing, it does define how your company expresses beliefs and what it stands for.

Although you can spread that knowledge by word of mouth, websites have essentially been very effective at doing so.

Thankfully, frameworks like Drupal are designed to make the entire web building process simpler if you hire the right Drupal developer for achieving your goals.

Basic Definition of Drupal

PHP-based Drupal is an open-source, free CMS. A content management system (CMS) is software that enables users to edit the website's user interface without having any prior programming experience. Additionally, since a CMS will take care of back-end development, they don't need to focus particularly on it.

However, many users of Drupal will assert that it is not at all a content management system. It is more of a framework where you may create a CMS to manage the requirements of your website.

Instead of working with a standard CMS, Drupal developers must have a thorough understanding of programming because Drupal is a framework.

This encourages more flexibility than a CMS can typically offer. This can be difficult for Drupal users who aren't developers. Drupal may be a revitalizing piece of software for true web developers.

Drupal is similar to a traditional CMS in that developers can quickly add and remove modules and access themes to alter the overall appearance and feel of a website.

The main benefit of using Drupal over other web development frameworks is its flexibility which has made it a preferred choice for developers.

Why Use Drupal CMS

In comparison to other CMS, Drupal stands out thanks to a few features. These qualities work together to form a fully functional framework.

Developer Community

Since Drupal is open-source, a large community of Drupal developers who are prepared to assist one another exists virtually by definition. This happens in two ways: by asking for advice and by having resources available.

Like any community-based framework, Drupal offers developers and business managers a wide range of forums where they can network and get advice from expert fellow Drupal developers.

The same community serves as a gathering place for devoted contributors who produce practical and effective modules to support the growth of project.

Another advantage of open source community is that you do not have to pay for important features.


If you ever wanted to build something a little more complex, the Drupal framework is strong and has all the latest resources required to complete your project. The Drupal framework is purposefully designed with the ability to modify the system for these goals.

Drupal is regarded as the most flexible CMS since it has modules that allow for maximum scalability. Your website can be conveniently customized to your needs.

Benefits of Drupal CMS

Numerous small to large complex systems have chosen Drupal as their CMS for a variety of reasons, making it one of the top three most popular CMSs. Here they are -


One of the top three most used content management systems worldwide is Drupal. It has a lengthy background. Although Drupal is still a work in progress, it has remained reliable throughout. While Drupal 10 will soon be available, we now use Drupal 9. However, you can rest assured that you will receive support for Drupal's older versions.


Drupal's capacity to create and manage a wide range of content formats, including but not limited to videos, polls, blogs, podcasts, and analytics, is one of its key selling advantages. This feature of Drupal makes it possible to build content-rich websites for a range of markets, such as BFSI, healthcare, media or commerce, using a flexible design platform. The script also has editing features for design elements, which makes it easier to construct both straightforward and complex web page settings.


Drupal is not just flexible, but also incredibly customizable. With more than 16,000+ modules and plug-ins, Drupal offers a limitless array of additional unique features that you may edit, adapt, and integrate into your website, including CRM, security, social media, and SEO.

Developers Community

Since 2001, the Drupal community has grown significantly and become quite active. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, is a valuable resource where you can find instructional materials, forthcoming news, or ask contributors and experts for assistance.


Drupal has been tested to adhere to stringent security standards. It has robust internal security. Drupal will lock down any installation directory, making crucial information and configuration files inaccessible immediately. It's understandable why so many large websites requiring high levels of security, such,, use Drupal.

Robust and Convenience

Drupal experts carefully wrote and designed the source code used to build websites. You will discover that changing the method is simple and practical when you want to perform more intricate and complicated tasks. Users benefit more from this compared to other CMS

Few of the top Drupal websites are -

  • Tesla
  • Nokia
  • Oxford University
  • The European Community
  • The Australian Government

How to Hire Drupal Developers

Independently hiring a Drupal developer is a very focused and practical approach that requires familiarity with software development in general.

You definitely don't want to entrust your hiring procedure to a non-technical person. We have an expert resource for you to learn more about the process of hiring Drupal developers in depth if you are a non-technical manager wishing to understand the flexible hiring model.

Contact CIGNEX to hire Drupal developers and Drupal consulting.

Reasons to Hire Drupal Developers

You've heard enough comparisons between Drupal and other CMS to understand the general concept. Choose Drupal if you want your website to have the most flexibility and customization options possible.

Naturally, it won't be simple. Hiring Drupal developer is necessary to utilize Drupal to its full potential. In this manner, you have a member of the team who can handle any useful pre-existing modules and create new ones as needed.

Things to Consider When Hiring Drupal Developers

  • PHP developers with experience and knowledge of server-side scripting
  • Fully understands how to implement Drupal modules, including how to install and edit/modify them
  • Knowledge of Drupal security
  • A thorough understanding of the principles of web development
  • Expertise in working with web technologies like JavaScript, CSS and HTML

Where to Hire Drupal Developers

You can hire an expert IT staffing company for expert advice and consulting. CIGNEX Drupal developers are thoroughly screened, put through an interview process, and given additional training to help them evolve into actual software experts capable of adjusting to circumstances that fall within and outside the purview of their basic area of competence.

At CIGNEX, we have higher expectations for our developers. We hire developers that either exhibit outstanding talent or expertise. Then, we take their talents and further hon them.

You can hire Drupal developers on T&M basis with CIGNEX. Working with CIGNEX will give you access to a full-time developer with extensive experience for a much lower price, as well as additional project management support.

Contact us to discuss about your project so we can get you started with more information.