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By oshi bohra | 21 Jul 2021

A corporate enterprise is similar in that it must rely on its decision-making while deciding between technologies for its projects. Choosing Drupal for your next web development project could be one of the most important decisions you make.

Whatever place you are in at the moment, your next move will either propel you to the top of the table or allow you to slide down to your competitor. And, when it comes to web development projects, picking the correct CMS early on is critical. So, how can Drupal as the content management system can help improve the entire digital experience of your next project?

Why Choose Drupal for your next Project?

As a technology expert, you're looking for a dependable, secure, and dynamic web content management system that allows you to create the features you want for your project. Drupal offers business and technology professionals to drive digital innovative web content management tool and a customisable platform.

Whenever you come up with an important business goal of achieving excellence, Drupal web development can help you achieve your objective. Drupal's endless potential coupled with native features and modular extensions, there is no limit to what you can do with disruptive technologies without sacrificing business functionality.


Drupal outperforms the top rivals in the CMS industry by being resistant to critical internet vulnerabilities, thanks to a track record of being the most secure CMS and application framework. The Drupal Security Team constantly looks for validating and responding to security issues.

Because Drupal has built-in functionality for salting and frequently hashing passwords when they are saved in the database, it allows safe access to your Drupal asset. Drupal CMS also supports standard authentication process, strong password policy and session limits.

Drupal's multi-layered cache architecture aids in the prevention of Denial of Service (DoS) assaults, making it the ideal CMS for high volume traffic websites.


Drupal's capabilities make it simple for content creators to generate and publish material. Authentication and permissions improve the efficiency of the editorial workflow, and previews indicate how information will appear on various screens. It makes easy to edit content for users.

Content tagging and taxonomy are Drupal features that allow defining material element, tagging content based on qualities, and establish an appropriate taxonomy for content to make it searchable.


Multi language handling support enables to deliver localised digital experiences while saving time and money. Drupal key modules allow for the translation of all content on the site. This helps to communicate better with the local users and build brand awareness. Drupal language packages may be downloaded and installed safely, without interfering with your customised translations.


Drupal allows for the creation of responsive websites and web applications that provide great experience for online visitors. Drupal contributes to a flawless content experience for users every time and on any mobile device by supporting the best practises of responsive web design.

Drupal Integration

Drupal aligns perfectly with a wide range of marketing technology and business apps. This enables to capitalise on the benefits of the best set of technologies available outside of Drupal. Drupal's API enables content to be connected to other sites and applications, making content more lively and powerful.

What value does Drupal bring to business?

Drupal has always been a great choice for creating seamless digital experience. Drupal helps organisations to think ahead when designing their next generation of digital strategy. This idea is supported by various core Drupal components.

What’s new with Drupal Development?

Drupal continues to dominate the industry with powerful new features, an improved user experience, and a future-focused strategy.

The release of Drupal 9 offers good opportunities and benefits to those developing new cloud-based apps. Drupal 9 is an enhanced version of Drupal 8. Drupal 9 has all the ability, capability, and ease of use to be a comprehensive enterprise-ready solution, with capabilities that rival any CMS on the market.

Features of Drupal 9

  • Enhanced ease-of-use
  • Greater accessibility
  • Content hub for web, mobile and more
  • Powerful editorial digital management tools
  • API-first architecture
  • Security through transparency
  • Multilingual
  • Performance and Scalability

Drupal 8 site owners who have kept their Drupal installation up to date are in for a smooth ride. The only distinctions between Drupal 8.9.0 and Drupal 9 are the removal of several obsolete APIs and the inclusion of updated third-party dependencies such as Symfony and Twig.

There is no clear upgrade path for Drupal 7 site owners. Typically, upgrading from Drupal 7 entails rebuilding the site in the new version and moving all content and settings to the new site. This may require extra resources, but it is an excellent time to rethink the site layout and make significant improvements.

How CIGNEX can help you with Drupal Development?

As an Acquia Partner, CIGNEX can provide full suite of Drupal 9 related services including design, development, strategy, integration and 24x7 support and maintenance. Till date CIGNEX has implemented over 200 Drupal projects and has a team of 70+ developers who are certified on various versions of Drupal. Not only this the team has made 3200+ contributions to the code base of Drupal.

CIGNEX offer 8 hours of FREE consulting for the Upgrade from Drupal 8 to 9. Get in touch with us for free consultancy session

You can have an enterprise, healthcare, education, or nonprofit website, our Drupal development team can help you upgrade your before the November deadline.

Note -If currently on Drupal 7, it is important to note that while you can upgrade directly to Drupal 9, it will require more work. End of life for Drupal 7 is on November 2022 and Drupal 8 is on November 2021. Security Coverage for Drupal 8.9 Ends in November 2021.