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By vikram samant | 24 Jul 2015

Today, we look at how multiple media channels running on the back of improved mobility and influential social sharing are driving employee engagement in the current context and how Social Intranet platforms are crucial for managing these opinions and preferences of users for smart gains.

Explosive Engagement

There are quite a few media channels which are enablers for an explosive level of engagement today. These include phone platforms, messaging platforms, social networks, and social sharing platforms. Easy and intuitive to use, these are perfect for creating interest rapidly and sustaining it for long durations – vital factors needed to drive positive engagement over a long period for both B2B and B2C segment.

Nothing explains the influence of these media channels in enabling engagement better than the case of WhatsApp. This simple, cross-platform tool is convenient due to its mobile-only format, provides users with easy sharing of multiple media, offers visual engagement and has the power to facilitate both, one-on-one or group conversations.

The real need is to enhance engagement so as to increase adoption rates quickly till the platform becomes an important part of daily routine and life. It needs to provide regular utility and make things interesting for employees.

Disengagement in the Workplace

According to studies, it has been found that a very small percentage of employees typically belong to those age groups where engagement is maximum. 88% of the workforce in the US is composed of  Baby Boomers and Gen Xers who display markedly lower levels of engagement (Recent Gallup Survey).

The lack of engagement in the workplace stems from failing to bridge the gap between end user needs and corporate objectives. Traditionally, users want a simple, intuitive, employee engagement platform where they can see what they want, form their own connections and be guided towards specific targets. In the corporate employee scenario, things are more complex. Here, the social intranet software must be persuasive, exhaustive, connected through and through and much more specific and targeted.

Employee engagement hinges on this gap of needs, and an Employee Engagement Platform that can correctly acknowledge this gap and try to bridge it is the one that can truly drive engagement successfully in the workplace.

Intranet Refresh

Enter Digital Employee Engagement Platform (DEEP™) to bridge this gap successfully.

DEEP™ is essentially a central exchange which facilitates timely and contextual social business collaboration for a connected employee. It is a hub that provides a captivating experience much akin to social media while contributing significantly to employee motivation and engagement. The social collaboration platform helps in building connected groups and teams, enhances relationships between multiple departments and levels of authority, and essentially makes employees more attentive and enthusiastic.

The USP of DEEP™

The DEEP™ employee engagement platform operates on simple principles. It uses your existing infrastructure to open up channels of effective communication and collaboration in the workplace. It also facilitates proper delivery of relevant content, deploys a powerful search function for finding important data and intuitively predicts areas where engagement might be lacking. It is a comprehensive employee engagement solution which caters to all important facets of this crucial factor in workplace performance and job satisfaction.

DEEP™ has the ability to learn and adapt its processes according to situations. The social intranet platform is easy to use, and brings an inherently social feel to workplace communication and correspondence. It supports the delivery of personalized, tailor-made content according to situation and can store and display content from both internal and external sources as and when required. Overall, it can be an accurate way to predict and monitor engagement and take corrective measures when it falls below desired levels.

DEEP™ Functionality

The functionality of DEEP™ addresses many requirements in typical employee situations. Through entities like blogs, wikis, social profiles, searches, activities and messages, the social intranet platform serves to create a connected, satisfied and engaged base of employees that can power the business forward. It includes some of the most important processes, workflows and technologies that can be instrumental for creating engagement, including –

  • Document Management and Web Content Management
  • Micro sites and Personalization options
  • Social tools and Collaboration tools
  • Security and Audit solutions
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Marketplace and Sales tools
  • OOB Integration
  • Learning and Motivation tools
  • HR tools and more

While some of these features are integrated into DEEP™, others can be customized to create an employee engagement system that is fine-tuned to suit the requirements of your organization. With these features, it is possible to keep your workforce continually engaged, and to get the best possible performance out of them.

DEEP™ Offers Huge Business Advantages

The benefits of DEEP™ are manifold.

  • The social intranet software has over 250 features and is based on Open Source technology
  • It is also immensely scalable and versatile, helping you meet all kinds and sizes of requirements
  • The easily customizable social intranet platform can be deployed on-site or used in the SaaS mode
  • Compared to other proprietary technologies, DEEP™ can facilitate up to 80% reduction in TCO
  • It offers state-of-the-art Maintenance and Support

Read more about this powerful social intranet software and how it can boost your business with collaborative and contextual online experiences.