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17 Dec 2021

Are you having operational issues with your self-managed Apache Kafka production environment? Or thinking about implementing Apache Kafka managed and support services? Look no further!

In a world of digital transformation, we see Confluent Open Source Apache Kafka Data Streaming platforms solve real time data needs of various companies by allowing easy access to enterprise data at a faster rate while maintaining data integrity.

Organizations need to partner up with vendors which have experience in constructing and implementing various streaming solutions on Apache Kafka. The professional consultants will come with an in-depth expertise in Kafka services, which will demand high-availability, enterprise compliance, high-scalability, as well as robust operations.

Firstly let's begin by talking a little about Apache Kafka Managed Services

Managed Apache Kafka Services

Apache Kafka is the leading streaming and queuing technology for large-scale, always-on applications. A valid Managed Kafka Services vendor will help you to integrate your tools and processes as well as deploy and manage Kafka across all your environments, irrespective of the infrastructures. By utilizing fully hosted and managed solutions, organizations can stop worrying about their data infrastructure and instead focus on innovation.

Its benefits include:

  • Scalability

    Proven to scale from small streaming workloads up through millions of writes per second, with Kafka, one can take advantage of this to support event-driven architectures or more.

  • Fault Tolerance

    As a high performing and fault-tolerant database the configuration is optimized to ensure reliability and optimum performance.

  • Zero Downtime

    Zero downtime migrations from proprietary and self-managed Kafka clusters to Managed Kafka can be achieved.

  • Optimized Configuration

    The tricky cluster configurations are of old. Now, a production-ready cluster can be utilized to run within minutes fine-tuned for reliability, performance, and security for every vertical.

  • Automated Health Checks

    Kafka performs best when used wisely. Having a system to constantly monitor the Kafka usage and reports findings can help leverage best practices.

  • Open Source

    Being an open source platform, Kafka provides its customers with a clear roadmap along with a built community of no lock-in vendors, and training providers.

  • Apache Kafka Support Services

    When faced with operational issues, resolving the same and getting your environment operational as fast as possible seems like a tiresome option if you do not have the right vendor to support you through this project seamlessly. The right vendor will provide you with a range of end-to-end Support and Maintenance services on Kafka such as troubleshooting, optimization, upgrades, and geo-replication or help you reduce complexity and technical business risks.

In closing

CIGNEX is one such vendor who can help you with all your Kafka based issues. Being a certified Confluent Registered Partner, CIGNEX, has helped manifold enterprises to build Big Data and IoT applications using Apache Kafka & Confluent for real-time data streaming and analysis, and aims to provide enterprises with deep insights into their Kafka pipelines through enhanced metrics provided by the Confluent Platform.

Our comprehensive team of experts can help by supporting you 24-7 for deployments, configurations, maintenance, upgrades, or monitoring, or tailoring the services as per your requirements. Our services include24x7 support, monitoring & alerting, patch management, disaster recovery management, security, capacity management, customer process integration as well as tooling.

To know more about our comprehensive managed and support services visit our webpage or reach out to us at