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28 Apr 2017

With the Lightning Experience release, Salesforce has finally done away with the dated look its interface sported till recently. While this is not a compelling reason to make the switch from Salesforce Classic to Lightning, the company says that it helps a lot when companies deal with their individual Salesforce CRM deployment based on their precise sales needs. Also, the ability to fine tune the solution by adding, removing widgets, apps, tools, and layouts is seen as a prime reason why companies would want to take the effort to execute the transition.

What is Lightning Experience?
Lightning is an open source framework from Salesforce that has a host of new features. While Classic places an emphasis on responsiveness of the desktop or mobile application, Lightning does away with this barrier and thus opens up a new avenue of potential opportunities for developers. In addition, there are three core benefits of having a 360ᵒ view of every customer –
1 - The GUI interface, drag and drop features, and reusable components can easily assist in the development process
2 – With the ease of use, developers can better help automate process and workflows without the need to get involved in coding
3 – You get the option to visually design your objects relationship in the data model

How Lightning differs from Classic?
1- Presence of Einstein – The next generation AI tool is the way ahead in CRM. It studies your data, weeds out patterns, and makes intelligent recommendations as per your specific business or team process. This AI integration is introduced with Lightning
2 – Custom branding and Composer windows – In addition to Einstein, these two features are unique only to Lightning. With Composer windows, sales and field rep need not juggle multiple browsers for multiple actions. Custom branding ensures singular and consistent branding within the CRM interface exposed to the customers
3 – Mobile first – In case of loss of connectivity, sales team need not wait to feed in key details. They can do so on their mobile on the spot. When the connectivity is back, the data from mobile is automatically synced on the web
4 – Steelbrick CPQ integration - Proposals, quotes, contracts, quick access to sales information for sales person, is a key feature enabled by Salesforce acquisition of Steelbrick
5 – Service cloud integration – Transform field agents to intelligence officers with apt amount of knowledge, case histories, dashboards, and customer profiles made available to them at the right time.

Advantages of Migrating from Classic to Lightning
The swift application development, better portal development through Lightning Bolt, mobile first sync capacity, and Lightning for Visualforce offers advantages at multiple levels -
1 – 70% faster time to market thanks to quicker application development
2 – 37% increase in customer revenue growth
3 – 44% boost in sales productivity

Case Study - Easy & Quick Management of Information for a Leading Hotel Group
A leading hotel and hospitality group experienced incredible ROI through our Salesforce migration implementation. Their existing solution stack consisted of the following –

  1. Salesforce for CRM
  2. Teradata for BI, DW
  3. Workday for HR & Financial Management
  4. Liferay, MS SharePoint for Information Management

It needed a Unified and Integrated platform for new Franchise Registration, Onboarding & Collaboration. The core KPIs of the solution was to be the following –

  • Gain visibility into every step of the Franchise On-boarding process
  • Increase productivity and realize benefits quickly
  • Reduce delays caused by lost information and review or approval bottlenecks
  • Improve time to market of products or services

The benefit derived by client from our solution construct at CIGNEX included –

  • Unified platform for launching Franchise Engagement Program
  • Engaging face for the Organization with a Unified User Experience
  • Enables modular & quick functionality extension by App. building functionality
  • Leveraged OOTB functionality to the maximum
  • Go-To Market in less than a month with ~ 500 Franchisee’s
  • Completely built on Salesforce Lightning Experience
  • Mobile access, email alerts/ notifications to be enabled as Phase II functionality

Keep your choice narrowed down to the best in business
It is important to note that customers of Salesforce vary widely from a large multinational enterprise to a nimble startup. While it is natural to be excited about the new Salesforce offerings, it is equally important to understand that this is not a simple process. Right from determining your system’s readiness, to the actual migration without damaging precious customer data, needs the expert assistance of a professional. This is precisely where CIGNEX, a Registered Salesforce Partner, comes to the fore.

With our deep domain expertise in cloud services like Salesforce, we can be the ideal technology partner your company needs by its side when you are making the transition from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience. With our agile development methodology we are able to drive a faster time to market using a unique iterative implementation methodology. Check out our expertise in ROI inducing Salesforce consulting services that includes consulting, migration, development, deployment, integration, support/maintenance/upgrade, and performance tuning.