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08 Jun 2017

At CIGNEX we believe in staying ahead of the knowledge curve. Our learning initiatives help us to discover newer avenues of leveraging technology to service our customers. The recently concluded Salesforce Bootcamp is one such step in this direction. The deep orientation we had with the Salesforce stack of technology solutions has helped us immensely. We can align the best fit Salesforce solutions to your business based on your business needs, support requirements, and budgetary allocations.

Key takeaways from the Salesforce bootcamp

  1. Salesforce Org analysis made clearer
    Salesforce org analysis helped us to understand how technology, people, and processes can be utilized cohesively. This rally of resources will not only make a difference to the customer business but also serve the larger community.
  2. The predictive prowess of Einstein
    Salesforce also provided coverage on its AI solution – Einstein. We can bring the predictive prowess of AI with Salesforce Einstein. Your sales can anticipate the next opportunity, service can resolve problems before they happen, and IT can use it to create smarter apps for stakeholders and employees.
  3. Better support = Better operational efficiencies
    We have 3 type of support which salesforce provide.
    1. Standard -12*5 support , response time is 2 days for case
    2. Premier -
    3. Premier+

    By aligning the best support to your business, you can be assured of zero downtime and technology upgrades in face of evolving technology landscape
    Premier support provides

    • Exclusive access to success programs and 1:1 engagements through accelerators & success managers to provide you with best practices, adoption strategies, proactive recommendations, and release readiness.
    • Support: Get fast access to our most skilled technical resources via 24x7 phone or chat support. Whether you have how-to questions, technical issues, or need developer support when building custom applications, we give you fast, expert answers.
    • Training: Grow your team of Salesforce experts with on-demand training for administrators, developers, and end users. Build in-house Salesforce expertise and earn your Salesforce certification with our guided certification journey that includes certification prep courses and practice exams.
  4. App exchange to improve SFDC efficacy
    The business app on the Salesforce app store has something for everyone – from IT and admin to backend/frontend integration. With these apps, we can improve the overall SFDC health and let your business enjoy better ROI from Salesforce integration
  5. Red Accounts management with a Customer Success Manager
    By tagging a project as red account, we can get a deeper level of Salesforce support. Salesforce has a dedicated process to manage customer escalations and sends a team to manage the escalations in a timely manner without major repercussions. This process is executed by a Customer Success Manager who drives on-demand access to a team of experts to ensure you get the right help at the right time. This Manager ensures maximum focused value to your business.
  6. Salesforce Optimizer
    With Salesforce Optimizer, you will be presented with a list of Salesforce modules and features implemented within your existing systems. By assessing Salesforce Optimizer in either sandbox or production environment, it also evaluates different ways in which you can improve the efficacy of your implementation. This way, you will be able to avail of better ROI from your Salesforce implementation.
  7. License utilization
    Salesforce requires license for its different modules like
    1. Production / ‘Org’ instance
    2. Configuration and administration
    3. Data migration
    4. Validation testing
    5. Training and Support

    The session laid emphasis on license utilization during deployment and cross-selling of unused licenses. Also with the help of a Salesforce partner like CIGNEX, the merits of license renewal can be explained to the customer.

  8. Group activity – 7 domains of success
    The entire customer journey can be made better with the 7 domains of success – the end-to-end framework for existing Salesforce customers.
    1. Vision & Strategy
    2. Success Metrics
    3. Roadmap
    4. Governance
    5. Adoption
    6. Process Automation
    7. Technology & Data

    By attending this Boot Camp we are now at par with the latest developments in Salesforce which would enable us to enhance the value we have been delivering to our clients with our Salesforce Expertise.