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01 Feb 2017

The recent innovations and technologies are undoubtedly transforming the traditional ways of data management and customer record-keeping. However, it is imperative to discover smarter ways of efficient resource allocation for ensuring a higher business growth. Since we are a part of industry, where change is constant, sometimes, it becomes hard to manage certain factors that can impact sales and demand directly.

In this article, you’ll read about how the changing trends are impacting manufacturing and hi-tech industries and what could be the possible solutions to deal with such advancements:

How Cloud-Based CRMs are Impacting High-Tech Manufacturing?

Hundreds of companies, including industry leaders, have standardized on various cloud computing platforms to gain higher confidence in sales forecasting. It not only prepares them for greater challenges, but also ensures efficient resource allocation and offers greater security when compared with traditional methods. It is important to consider that the entire concept doesn’t include any infrastructure management or setup cost, but can be customized and reconfigured to meet changing market trends and industrial norms at par.

What are the Key Features of Such Platforms?

Undoubtedly, all of such platforms offers ease of use, faster implementation, point-to-point customizations and other leading industrial features to generate highest ROI within the time frame. Additionally, implantation of certain on-premises enterprise applications can result in streamlining the entire concept of managing massive data, organizing it, and creating data sets, without having any specialized knowledge or skill. Customers can now set up their own apps, customize them as per their preferences, and even integrate them with their daily tasks to make most out of it.

How Does It Help in Generating Higher ROI?

The high-tech industry has complex sales cycles, so it becomes highly important for manufacturers to make their brands visible throughout the sales process. Higher business visibility ensures greater success and enables business owners to plan their outsourcing and offshore operations with great ease. Adopting the recent changes in technology helps in gaining better accuracy and collaboration across global partners, resulting in an accurate and risk-free planning of future activities.

The newer techniques not only help in ensuring comprehensive functionality, but can also assist in customizing options for various business tasks including recruiting, selling, marketing, record-keeping, and measuring success. Sometimes, these tools can also be used to automate and improve some critical and complex processes, helping a business to recover from daunting situations with great ease.

Most of the businesses are now heading towards AppExchange to take advantage of the world’s leading marketplace for business applications. Offering entrepreneurs with point-and-click ease, the platform provides access to 1,200+ pre-integrated solutions to assist you while handling tasks related to sales forecasting, quoting and configuration, workflow automation, and others. With a detailed interface, you can easily create reports and executive dashboards for mapping your business’s growth and performance on a larger scale.

Case Study

Since technology continues to fast-track a business’s changing trends, it becomes necessary for entrepreneurs to deploy solutions that can ensure higher growth and success. No matter which method you choose, cloud, mobile or analytics, the change should prepare you for the future.

This is exactly what we aim to deliver at CIGNEX. Our expertise in Salesforce Consulting lets you drive a radical yet highly impactful transformation in the way you interact with prospects, customers, partners, and employees. We make a case for our competencies with this interesting project we executed on Salesforce.

The client

A $20 Billion Fortune Global 500 Company specializing in energy management and automation solutions with operations with more than 100,000 employees in 120 countries

The problem

With this fragmented spread over the world, the company needed to streamline the existing IT landscape. Its focus was on standardizing the on-going development, enhancement & maintenance services around Salesforce landscape to support 60000+ business users across functions and roles.

The solution

Our Salesforce CRM solution worked to deliver the below contextual features to the front office functions comprising of sales, customer care, services, marketing, PRM, and issue to prevention –

  1. Platform Health Review – We undertook a holistic platform assessment to improve the efficacy of coding guidelines, best practices and code review for consistency, reusability, and performance.
  2. Customization opportunities – We integrated multiple custom components to power up the CRM engine of the company. These included the addition of VisualForce pages, Apex classes and triggers, custom APIs, and workflow and validation rules.

The benefits

As an outcome of the rigorous assessment and exclusive customization fo the Salesforce solution the company was able to achieve the below benefits –

  • ROI maximization with lower TCO
  • Faster go-to-market & product portfolio expansion
  • Increased productivity using 24x7 support services


Adopting technology-enabled change in your business allows digital transformation and helps in driving more customers, partners and employees. CIGNEX can assist in automating processes, engaging well with stakeholders and clients, and scaling up the business better.