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08 Oct 2015

Just like traditional social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.), social intranet platforms foster a collaborative and effective way of communication amongst employees. They nurture deeper understanding among employees, helps them to ideate and improve the level of innovation going on within the company. The result of this endeavour? Increased revenues, improved workplace efficiencies and better collaboration among employees.
In addition, there are quite a few other compelling reasons that calls for deployment of a social intranet platform within your company. Let’s explore some of these reasons -

  • Boosts Employee Engagement:

Many companies have made social intranet compulsory for employees. Spending time regularly on this platform helps employees collaborate freely with one another irrespective of role, hierarchy or department. They get a chance to read through leadership insights, market trends, posts, comment on forums, and gain tech knowledge to help improve their productivity and performance.

  • Flawless Communication:

Social intranet solutions are great for all types of businesses. Be it SMEs or established companies, social intranet solutions prove to be a good measure for communication and collaboration. Incorporating a chat feature will help faster communication and quicker resolution to queries or doubts.

  • Array of features:

Modern day corporate intranet solutions such as DEEP™ are cloud based and self-hosted platforms. They are very simple to operate and externally, they offer the same features and user experience as popular social media sites like Facebook. This enables employees to navigate through the portal even without any training. The functionalities of the intranet can be extended to include aspects such as team collaboration, project management and document management.

  • Offers Easy operation & High Comfort level:

Having a well-designed social intranet platform for your company helps increase its adoption by employees. They would love to use an easy to use and minimalistic, yet highly effective platform. In return, the company can witness marked improvement in performance and productivity from them. With your intranet, you can showcase your brand too – an essential feature especially for a creative agency.

  • A Way To Explore Your Content On Regular Basis:

In general, a social intranet software looks quite alike a newspaper which we read every morning. Your social intranet is your newspaper, and the content put up by the company will act like news articles. Right from HR articles (company-wide broadcasts, HR policies, leave and payroll policies) to leadership messages (vision, mission, future roadmap, industry endorsed articles and current trends), numerous pieces of content can be put up at a single destination for access by all employees. Want to put up content that can be accessed only by a select few? Don’t worry, the intranet is capable of role based, department based, and seniority based access too.

  • Get Employees Closer:

As said earlier, social intranet solutions helps employee engagement reach a new high, so it is a great idea to bring all employees together. This platform allows employees to share their experience on the board. By reading posts, they get a chance to understand each other. Thus, this platform plays a vital role in building up employee relationship.

  • Excellent For Internal Organizational Processes:

The social intranet platform is versatile for broadcasting internal processes of a company. It helps divisions like operations, marketing and sales to perform at more optimum levels and reduce time spent on recreating the wheel for a particular problem when a solution is already present with some other employee.

  • Enhances The Confidence Level Of Employees

In every organization, employees are considered its biggest asset. Companies understand the value of this asset. Providing a strong social intranet platform to employees will help companies to enhance the confidence level of the employees. Every employee has some thoughts, opinions, feedback, positive outcomes, or learnings to share. Having a good platform like social intranet will provide the right channel for the employee to post such thoughts and opinions. This will help the employee gain more confidence.

  • Encourages Collaboration:

These platforms can be transformed into virtual workplaces. However, it requires a secure architecture to maintain data integrity. It is useful in collaborating with remote professional groups, external working partners, board of company directors, task forces and client portals. It works astonishingly with proper task efficiency and clean communication. It also encourages employees to exchange their ideas or information for the betterment of the company as a whole.

An open source social intranet platform such as DEEP adds value to modern day organizations in several ways. The 4 essentials of ‘create’, ‘communicate, ‘connect’, and ‘collaborate’ help companies create amazing collaborative experiences that enhance productivity and employee efficiencies – keys to running a successful business venture in today’s time.