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Roadmap to Automation Journey


Recent Progress in digitization has had significant impact on white collar work as well as on product & their technology. In next 10 to 20 years, 47% jobs will be substituted by automated or robot labor. RPA is a particular type of digitization, and its implementation is absolutely essential to raising a company’s added value in future.

Our Robotic Process Automation Assessment Program allows you to evaluate RPA for your business processes and make a strategic decision. Like

At CIGNEX, we assist corporate problem solving through our support for RPA implementation, making use of prodigious industry knowledge of business innovation & RPA implementation cases across the globe.

Why RPA Assessment?

Since RPA does not fit for all processes, it is essential to determine whether the process is eligible for RPA implementation, avoiding cost & time failures. It is a wise decision to take up RPA assessment to pre-determine the cost, ROI & success rate.

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Selecting the Right Process for Automation

Because RPA technology isn’t suited for all processes, candidates must be evaluated against attributes that showcase RPA’s key strengths. A quick and simple way to create a valid process pipeline is to utilize a scoring mechanism that objectively rates how well each process candidate fits the attribute. A list of various criteria that define good RPA process candidates is shown below. Processes that aren’t good candidates can still benefit from other forms of improvements as a result of the evaluation.

Rules-drivenRepetitive in NatureData IntensiveElectronic Trigger
High error ratesManual CalculationsOut-of-Hours jobsElectronic Start/End points
High ComplianceValidationsHuge number of resources 


RPA Assessment Strategic Approach & Framework

RPA implementation has the potential to change the way processes & business are done. Greater effectiveness can be unleashed by incorporating business process reform into the perspective rather than simply viewing the matter as RPA tool implementation.

Diagnose & Discover

Evaluate existing processes, record performance indicators, qualify opportunities for automation & prioritize quick wins


Effort estimation, nature of automation (simple rule based vs. cognitive), Risk Assessment & dependency maps

Design & Deliver

Solution blueprint, integration roadmap, business case, ROI Indicators & delivery of final assessment report

RPA Assessment Deliverables

The Automation Readiness Assessment offers a consulting service to review the processes executed at the organization and evaluate their suitability to be automated based on a number of process attributes that are relevant to the automation. Automation Readiness Assessment Document, which includes:

Descriptions of the processes reviewed

Descriptions of the attributes evaluated and the criteria followed to measure suitability

High Level estimation of the effort required to automate each process

Benefits to be obtained after automating each process

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RPA ROI Calculator

Estimate the Cost to Automate & Optimize Business Process with RPA ROI Calculator

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