Conventional manual implementations and methodologies were one of the reasons that “automation” came into existence. Even then, many organizations are still unaware of which process they want to automate in order to eradicate unnecessary expenditure and workload.

Catering to such organizations, the Process Mining Solution was launched. Continuing to evolve in its scope and sophistication, this technology visualizes the actual process and leverages AI-powered analysis capabilities for improving businesses while increasing efficiency and revenue drastically.

With CIGNEX Datamatics’ RPA Process Mining expertise, you can understand 

  • Which manual activities can be performed by a robot?
  • How many manual activities can be substituted by a robot?
  • How much savings can potentially be realized?

Why RPA Process Mining?

Analyze Your As-Is Processes

Improve Your Existing Processes

Understand Automation Potential And Set Adequate Goals

Select And Implement Automation Solution

Monitor And Scale Your Automation Initiative

How does Process Mining work

RPA journey
Available Integration
Discover Automation Potential
Implement Bots
Intelligent Trigger for Bot Execution
Monitor and Scale Activities
RPA Assessment Apps
  • Scan existing system processes (SAP, Oracle, custom, etc.) to identify automation potential
  • Build business case and get management buy-in
  • Prioritize efforts according to highest ROI
Click Discovery
  • Visualize and analyze manual desktop processes based on screen recorder data
  • Understand user click paths and most common variants
  • Design and implement optimal RPA bot
Action Engine
  • Learn from past process data and automatically trigger tasks for bots
  • Enable probabilities to be integrated into set of rules
  • Increase your bots’ efficiency by integrating them with intelligent analytics
Collection of Bot Data
  • Collect bot activity data to further analyze and improve your process
  • Quantify achievements and calculate ROI
  • Identify most promising business cases for scale-up and continuously monitor bots

RPA Process Mining Roadmap

Requirements & Scoping
Define requirement:
  • Process steps & systems involved
  • Governancemodel & user
  • Initiate infra-structure setup
Data Integration & Process Connection
  • Establish continuous delta load for required tables
  • Connect process
Analyses Setup & Action Engine Setup
  • Load analyses from Intelligent Business App Store
  • Refine analyses
  • Configure skills for the Action Engine
User enablement
  • Train analysts and viewers and potentially data scientists
Validation & Handover
  • Validate results
  • Documentation & knowledge transfer

Customer Transformation with RPA Process Mining

Transformed ordered-to-cash and eliminated 10M manual activities, saving $10M+ annually
Transformed customer onboarding, “Go-Live Ratio” up 20%, ,time to delivery down 5 days
Transformed the IT delivery processintroduction of a new ERP affecting more than 20,000 users
Transformed P2P, Perfect PO from 73% to 87%, touchless invoicesup 63%, errors down 92%
Transformed the supply chain ,On time delivery up 27%, anticipates to save >$100m

Why CIGNEX Datamatics?

  • Authorized partner of Celonis – An enterprise software company with expertise in providing a unique and intelligent business solution powered by Process Mining Technology
  • End to end RPA Capability – From RPA Process Mining to Large Scale RPA Implementation
  • Capability to deliver best in class RPA experience complemented with partnerships with Leading RPA vendors – UiPath & Automation Anywhere
  • Team of certified RPA experts