oAuth 2.0 with Spring Security

Author: Muhammed Shakir Spring security and spring data are among the core modules of spring framework. Spring security supports almost all the aspects of enterprise security that is expected on server side.  Spring security has strong support for oAuth 2.0. As we know, oAuth 2.0 is a token base authentication & authorization mechanism. Here the authorization refers to authorizing the app (angular app / react app / any other browser based app / mobile) to access the protected...

Muhammed Shakir, July 06, 2018 | Posted in Application Services

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oAuth 2.0 – Taking Authentication and Authorization to another level

oAuth 2.0 is a token base authentication & authorization mechanism. Here the authorization refers to authorizing the app (angular app / react app / any other browser based app / mobile) to access the protected resources on the server. These resources are provided through a well-defined REST API by the resource server It must also be noted that it is more than authorizing the app; you may also want to authenticate the user who is using the app. In such a case you will authenticate the...

Muhammed Shakir, June 19, 2018 | Posted in Application Services

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Performance Testing Using JMeter – Best Practices, Common Errors and Resolution

Whenever we received NFR (Non Functional Requirements) of Performance Testing in SRS, generally we fumble around it. . We don’t know where to start and how to end. I have listed down below the most common queries (concerns) that we face while doing Performance Testing and obviously its answers too. By reading this blog you will learn on How to start with the requirement gathering of performance testing? How to execute the scripts? What are the best practices to use in...

Mrugali Parikh , May 29, 2018 | Posted in Testing and Test Automation

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Salesforce Acquires Mulesoft – A Step towards Accelerating Digital Transformation

Salesforce is adding another chapter to its growth profile with the purchase of MuleSoft. MuleSoft is one of the world's leading platforms for building application networks and is used by customers to link their business apps, databases, and corporate IT infrastructure into a unified system. Talking about Salesforce, though it currently leads the global CRM software market, the company likely sensed that its strongest growth potential lies outside its current area of expertise. Today,...

Priyankap Sharma, April 09, 2018 | Posted in Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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Understanding the Future of Alfresco from Alfresco 6.0 Product Roadmap

The Alfresco 5 release already tells us that it recognises the challenge the Goliath ECM faces from the fast sprouting David(s) (read services based applications). The good news is that Alfresco seems to be on the right track on tuning its architecture though it’s still a bit behind the curve. Let’s explore some excerpts from its release notes and roadmap blogs to see where Alfresco is heading: 1. Integration – Ease of integration seems to be at the top of the agenda for Alfresco.  .The...

Shivani Singh, April 03, 2018 | Posted in Web Content Management, Enterprise Content Management

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Protractor- An AngularJS Automation Framework

At CIGNEX Datamatics, in one of the projects, the requirement was to automate CMS application test scenarios. The client application was previously built on CodeIgnitor framework and the need was to migrate it on Drupal 8 framework of PHP where AngularJS was used extensively at the front-end. The need of the hour was to implement the tool which was lightweight as well as very AngularJS-friendly. Considering the short timespan, the quick test execution was very much required. The end-users were...

Nirmal Desai, March 26, 2018 | Posted in Testing and Test Automation

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Developing Enterprise Apps – Why you should evaluate OutSystems

The distance between a great business idea and its success is sometimes just some lines of code!  While technology is a huge enabler for business, development is the longest mile. In an industry that is welting for speed and simplicity, Lowcode platforms are a whiff of fresh air. Amongst other things that they do very well, Low Code platforms expedite delivery of enterprise mobile and web applications. That is the single most important reason these platforms and getting plenty of...

Nirav Shah, March 06, 2018 | Posted in Low Code

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How Digital & Social Media are changing the role of Marketing in Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the way of attracting and converting the prospects into a customer who has shown up the interest in the products or services of a company. Typical examples in perspective of any company wherein interest indication actions are defined on filling up Contact Us/Quote form, Chatting with a company representative, Requesting a Call or Schedule a Meeting with Experts, Download Collateral etc. Approach to get leads for enterprises is changed due to Internet and purchasing behavior...

Arvind Sharma, February 21, 2018 | Posted in Thought Leadership

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3 Major Challenges to Consider Before Implementing RPA

While preparing the RPA implementation plan, the first thing to consider is the major challenges that would find its way in technical implementation.  While the use of workflow and decision-making technologies has grown over the years, new challenges are arising. Challenge 1 – Seamless Integrations and Dependent Processes One emerging concern is what happens when there are dependencies among automated activities, such as activities performed by bot 1 that triggers those performed by...

Ronak Shah, February 20, 2018 | Posted in Robotic Process Automation

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API Gateways Simplified – A high level introduction to what API Gateways are and how they fit in the Microservices based architecture

Microservices based architecture is the future of complex applications.  In this blog, we will ponder upon one the critical components of this architecture – API Gateway. Why someone would have thought of an API gateway? Let’s start with why an API gateway is needed in the first place. There are multiple challenges that a microservices based architecture faces when it serves real world requests from external systems: One client source needs data from multiple APIs – A client...

Shivani Singh, January 23, 2018 | Posted in Application Services

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