Why Liferay Application Management and Support Services

Organizations move their applications to Support and Maintenance after its successful launch and stability. However, real business value of the application can be realized only when it works effectively post-deployment stage. At this stage, organizations run into the challenges of finding skilled resource and/or their time for the day-to-day support and maintenance activities since development team moves to new project.

Here are few typical business needs and challenges

  • Need to have Liferay applications monitored round-the-clock
  • To keep support and maintenance cost lower or at par with development cost
  • Challenging to find resources or skills to support, manage and monitor Liferay applications
  • Missing detailed documentation of application

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Our Liferay Support and Maintenance Services

Application Management Service Process

Benefits to Clients

Quality Services

Faster resolution Proactive monitoring Single Point of Contact Compliant processes

Timely Deployments

Off-peak hours support Best patch management practices

Increased ROI

Reduced operating costs up-to 80%

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