Realizing the full value of business data is a key challenge for today's enterprise IT departments. The process of integration, enrichment and analytics of large data sets of various IT applications containing a variety of data types may aid enterprises to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful business information. These analytical findings can lead to more effective marketing, new revenue opportunities, better customer service, improved operational efficiency, competitive advantages and other business benefits.

What is Big Data Integration & Analytics Platform (Panoramyx)™ ?

Panoramyx™ is the most powerful, flexible, and Open Source technology based framework that connects structured and unstructured data sources for real-time/batch for data management and analytics to empower timely, well-informed decision-making in operational environments.

The Panoramyx™ platform offers robust data integration in an open and scalable architecture leveraging technologies such as Talend, Hadoop, MongoDB to integrate and process the data. Through data deduplication, validation, standardization and enrichment; the platform creates high-quality data for access, reporting and analytics using Open Source applications such as Spark, Liferay, Drupal, Jaspersoft and more.


Cohesive, Unified Analytics Platform

Panoramyx™ can be the one-stop-solution that replaces -- or integrates -- the disparate systems of insights you’ve been using.

Extensible Architecture

Integrate, don’t reinvent. Panoramyx™ platform provides the flexibility to integrate it with modules, custom code, or established software you work with at present.

Customizable Reporting/Analytics Engine

A configurable reporting that match your business needs. Panoramyx™ dashboard can be altered and themed with pre-loaded responsive templates and configurable reports with minimum code updates.

Open Source Technology Benefits

As with all Open Source technology stack, Panoramyx™ offers benefits such as no recurring licensing fees, no-vendor lock-in and improved TCO (total cost of ownership), all at multiplier of an open source community support that can create, improve, and extend functionality.

Built to Scale for High Volume and Variety

Panoramyx™ can quickly and easily connect new data sources and store data in to dynamic schema-less data repository that can scale up to 100+ nodes, often in multiple data centers sustaining 100,000+ database read and writes per second while maintaining strict latency SLAs.

Rapid & Agile Deployment

On-boarding new data sources quickly and deploy it on cloud,  multi-tenant hosted or on-premise.

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